The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

About us

"Fervent Prayer is a group of intercessors committed to the power of prayer and faith in God. Our purpose is to fervently pray for those who need healing and deliverance in their lives, seeking that they find the peace and love of God. As a prayer group, we believe in the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit and in God's ability to transform lives through our prayers. At Fervent Prayer, we strive to be a channel of blessing and a source of hope for those who request our prayers. We are passionate about interceding for others and firmly believe that God hears our prayers and works miracles in our lives. Thank you for visiting our website and allowing us to pray for you!"


"La Oración Ferviente" is a group of Christian women who focus on the power of prayer and believe that God can act supernaturally in people's situations. Fervent prayer involves a commitment and passion to seek the presence of God and ask Him to intervene in the needs of others. Our vision is to be a source of hope and encouragement for those who need divine intervention in their lives. By praying fervently, we aim to be a channel of blessing and manifestation of God's power for those who are going through difficulties, believing that through prayer, God can perform miracles and transform people's lives."


"Our mission at 'La Oración Ferviente' is to focus on trusting the work of the Holy Spirit through prayer and faith, believing that God can act supernaturally in people's situations and transform their lives. Through prayer, your team seeks to be an instrument of blessing in the lives of those who are going through difficult times and help them find the hope and peace that only God can give."

"When I trust in the strength and wisdom that God grants me, I feel empowered to face any challenge and achieve my maximum potential."

- Oración Ferviente

Need Payer?

"Are you in need of help to find the peace and hope that only God can give? Contact us today and allow us to pray with you for your needs! Together, we can believe for a supernatural change in your life."